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At the Pre-School Care facility, our qualified adults provide child-care services and developmentally appropriate activities for children from the age of three years to entrance into kindergarten. Each age group has its own separate room at Seton Center.

Since early 2006, children in our pre-kindergarten age group have been participating in "PreK Counts," a literacy program conducted in partnership with the Pittsburgh Public Schools, to help them prepare for kindergarten and the school years ahead.

Our staff is concerned primarily with providing a safe, nurturing environment and in making a positive impact on each child's life. We seek to enhance their development in these important years by providing worthwhile experiences that correspond to the unique level of physical capacity, emotional maturity, and social development each child possesses. These experiences include both teacher-directed and self-directed activities, free-choice times, indoor and outdoor times, and active and quiet periods.

We are open year-round from 7:00AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday. Children are provided breakfast, an optional hot-lunch program throughout the school year, and an afternoon snack that conform with Child-Care Food Program guidelines.

We are always ready to meet with parents or guardians to discuss the special physical or emotional needs of each child.

The number of caring professionals on our staff is always appropriate, bettering the necessary 1/10 ratio for this age group. We believe we offer an outstanding Pre-School Care program at an affordable cost.

The Child-Care Center is conveniently located on Pioneer Avenue, at the Brookline site of Seton Center, on one of the major access routes from Pittsburgh's South Hills to the city. If you are interested, we would like to meet with you to show you our facility and to discuss enrolling your child or children. Please contact us to arrange an appointment, or simply fill out the Pre-Registration Form and we will contact you to set up a visit.


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